Coningmor Rocks

GPS Co-Ordinates:
 52.08.152N 06.37.465W
Location Description: South West of the Great Saltee. Locally known as “the big rock”, it is visible above the waterline at a distance at all times.
Depth: Average Depth of 25m  but up to 30m possible on some sides of the Rocks.
Boat/Shore: Boat
Shore Details: Nearest point: Kilmore Quay
Tidal Considerations: Prone to strong currents. Diving at slack water strongly advised.
Features:  Seals, gullies crammed with marine life
Description: This dive site never disappoints. Kelp covers the rocks down to between 10m and 14m. There are then lots of gullies covered with beautiful anemones, sponges and other marine life. Fish life can be scarce but dogfish are commonly found on the rocky bed. The rocks are also home to a colony of grey seals, so expect some company on your dive!