Coningbeg Rocks

GPS Co-Ordinates:
 52.04.16N 6.38.517W
Location Description: West of the Coningmor Rocks
Depth: Up to 45m
Boat/Shore: Boat
Shore Details:
Tidal Considerations: Prone to strong currents. Diving at slack water strongly advised.
Features: Abandoned Lighthouse Build – discarded metal pylons, coral
Description:  The Coningbeg rock covers at high water, so in rough weather is not easily visible. Drop in on the western side, then drop down the steep rock to a depth of around 35mts. Swim south and you will come across the remains of an attempt to build a lighthouse on the rock. Mother nature had other plans and all that remains are the metal pylons on the bottom and some small pieces of crockery. Close to the rock you will find a “Pink Sea Fan” which grows out of the rock base. Be careful! …it only grows a centimetre or so every year. A careless fin-kick could wipe out hundreds of years of growth. Keep heading south and you get shallower, coming to a groove in the rock. Here,  you can nearly sit and watch marine life swim by. As the dive gets shallower, anemones are found in abundance.

Coningbeg Sea Fan
Taken September 2013