Underwater Photography

uw_photographerIn recent years, underwater photography in Ireland has been growing at a tremendous rate.  The availability of digital cameras and cheap compatible housing has led to many people carrying a camera of some description with them on their dives.

Small, waterproof, high definition, video cameras allow top class footage to be captured above and below the water and posted online within hours of a dive happening.  Social medial sites provide an excellent platform for these images to be seen and discussed worldwide, thus promoting scuba diving and snorkelling in Ireland on a new level.

The popularity of underwater photography has been helped by the fact that the governing body for scuba diving in Ireland, the Irish Underwater Council, has developed a course on the subject. The design of this course was overseen by Wexford club member Ivan Donoghue.

In 2014 we ran the inaugural Vincent O’ Brien memorial photography competition and there were some wonderful prizes up for grabs. It is intended to make this an annual event at the Southeast Dive Rally. The beauty of this competition is that the best prizes go to the beginner’s category.

Photos from Vincent O’ Brien memorial photography competition 2014

One of the winning photos Award ceremonyIvan presenting Balazs with his prize One of the winning photos One of the winning photos