Wexford Sub Aqua Club has been going strong ever since it was founded in 1971. Some of our founding members are still diving today  over forty years on.   Our  clubhouse overlooks the Saltee islands….a prime location in Kilmore Quay. The club’s greatest asset though is its members.  The club boasts a number of highly qualified Instructors who will teach you all you need to know.  Please remember that all this work is voluntary and that they too are in the club for their enjoyment, not just to teach.

Your club membership not only includes training but also the cost of petrol for the boat and unlimited use of the compressor to fill your bottle – so once you pay your annual fee, there are no additional club charges, regardless of whether you do six or sixty dives.  The club also has its own NITROX / AIR compressor to fill cylinders and there is no charge for this facility.  As soon as you get your own bottle you can ask a member of the club to fill it for you, until you become trained at this procedure.

Like any other club, the W.S.A.C has its social side and you will find that weekends away are on offer (depending on experience) as well as the odd foreign holiday.  In order to ensure that the voice of Irish diving is heard on an International stage, our club is affiliated to Comhairle Fo Thuinn or CFT, also known as the Irish Underwater Council.

Enjoy browsing through our website. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us at divewexford@gmail.com